Is your business visible on the internet?

How visible is your website? An increasing number of people turn to the internet when looking for a specific product or service. As a consequence, having a strong online presence is essential for most successful businesses nowadays. When deciding to buy a new website, business owners will usually worry about factors such as price and design. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is rarely a concern, as many assume that once their new website is up and running, traffic and customers will automatically start to flow in. Unfortunately this is not how it works.

As most web designers know very little or nothing about SEO, they are unable to develop search engine friendly websites. Consequently, many businesses are left with a nice website but no visitors, because potential customers can’t find it via the search engines – making the website of little or no use.

Your website must be visible and accessible. This means your website should appear near the top of, or at least on, the first page in Google and other the search engines for keywords relevant to your business. An active presence on social media networks will also help improve your visibility on the internet. If you do not take your online marketing seriously, you will be losing customers to those of your competitors who do.

At inSEO we specialise in web development as well as online marketing, including SEO. This enables us to provide you with a new search engine friendly website, which is easier to market. We can also help drive more traffic and customers to your existing website by search engine optimising it and by employing other strategies such as Social Media Marketing or Pay Per Click.

Web Design


Our affordable and easily updatable web designs range from basic websites, to blogs, advanced store fronts, web applications – and everything in between.



Whether you sell products or services, or aim to create awareness of something, we can help improve your traffic and online visibility using SEO.

Social Media Marketing


We can help promote content and engage discussion across social platforms to extend your reach and exposure and the ability of users to share your info.

Pay Per Click


Either combined with SEO or alone, our PPC campaigns are set up quickly and optimised continuously. You will benefit from near instantaneous results.

Why Choose Us

  • All marketing strategies are custom designed for each individual client, so you can be assured that you’re receiving the plan best suited to your needs
  • We never offer empty promises - our effective strategies provide true, measurable results
  • Our services are cost effective and timely, offering a real return on investment within weeks or months – not years
  • We measure our success by the success of your business – our goal is to help you get ahead in your industry and beat your competitors in the market
  • Our work ethic is important to us, we believe that the best results are those that are obtained in an honest and ethical manner
  • We care about each and every one of our clients, and will give you the attention you deserve, no matter how big or small your business may be
If your business doesn't already have an internet marketing strategy, or if your current strategy is not producing satisfactory results, please don't hesitate to contact us to learn how we can help you improve your online presence.